Where to find me during the Microsoft Ignite Conference

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Here are some times/places you can find me during the Microsoft Ignite conference next week.


Sunday May 3rd

3-4 PM - #BeerIT - I'm hoping to make this pre-conference party, but the time conflicts with a meeting I have. Hopefully I'll be able to make it for at least part of it.

6-9 PM - Exchange and Sharepoint Pre-Release Program Pre-Event - This one is invite only, if you have an invite, I'll see you there!


Monday May 4th

6-8 PM Welcome Reception/Ask the Experts in the Expo Hall - I'll be hanging out in the Office 365/Exchange area wearing one of the "EXPERT" Orange shirts.

After Hours - TBD


Tuesday May 5th

Attending as many sessions as I can get into.  Taking it easy after hours to make sure I'm ready to deliver my session on Wednesday.


Wednesday May 6th

10:45 AM - 12 PM - Delivering "Shut the Front Door! Securing your Messaging Environment." in room N426 (Subject to change, the room has a capacity of 548, and over 800 have enrolled!)

Attending any sessions I can for the rest of the afternoon.

After Hours TBD, but now that my session is out of the way, it'll be time to let loose!


Thursday May 7th

1:15PM - 4 PM - Manning the Exchange booth in the Expo Hall.

6:30PM - 10:30PM I- Ignite Celebration!


Friday May 8th

Squeezing into a few last sessions, then heading home!