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Budget Laboratory: Part 4 - Connecting VMWare ESXi 4.1 to an iSCSI SAN through vSphere

For Part 4 of the "Budget Laboratory" series, we're going to connect the ESXi 4.1 server we installed in Part 3, to the Virtual SAN we created using FreeNAS 8 in Part 2, using the vSphere client.

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Budget Laboratory: Part 2 - iSCSI Virtual SAN with FreeNAS 8

Storage Area Networks (SANs) are used in most Enterprise class networks, you'll also find them at a lot of small and medium businesses. A lot of systems rely on SANs to provide high availability features. A SAN is great to have for setting up shared storage for any type of cluster. Fiber used to be dominant for SAN connectivity. You'd need Fiber Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) in every server you wanted attached to your SAN, and a Fiber switch to connect everything. Then came iSCSI, which works with much cheaper Network Interface Cards (NICs), and can use regular network switches, as well us much cheaper copper cables. At first iSCSI wasn't as fast as Fiber, topping out at gigabit speeds, so if speed was important, you'd stick with Fiber.

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