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Doing IT the Microsoft way.

For over 13 years, I've made a living off of Microsoft products.  However, Microsoft has always been only a portion of what I've made my living off of.  Throughout my career, every place I've worked has used Microsoft solutions for some areas, but chose products from other vendors in other areas.  In most cases where a Microsoft product was not used when one was available , I was not a decision maker. In fact I may not have even been with the company at all when the decision was made, so I didn't even have a chance to influence it.  Often I've often wondered why use Microsoft in some areas, but not others?


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Microsoft releases Service Pack 2 for Exchange 2010!

Service Pack 2 for Exchange 2010 was released today!


Check out the new features here:


Download it here:


Or read the announcement from the Exchange Team here:


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