Hired by Microsoft!

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If it seems like I haven't added much new content to the site lately, you're right, I haven't.   There has been very good reason for it.   Aside from being rather busy with my job, Microsoft had been actively pursuing me to come work for them.   So when I haven't been busy working and trying to spend time with my family, I've been interviewing with Microsoft.


The good news is, they offered me the job, and I've accepted!   I will be starting my new job with them as a Premier Field Engineer, working with Exchange, on March 26th!


The bad news... I'll be busier than ever settling into my new job, which means less time to add new content here.  I am also unsure if I'll be able to continue posting articles related to Microsoft products here once I am officially one of their employees.  This doesn't mean I will stop writing, however you may see me start posting articles on TechNet instead.   If that happens, I will be sure to link to them from here.


I feel I should reiterate the fact that everything I write here are my own personal views and opinions.  They do NOT reflect the views of any of my employers past, present, or future.


Thank you to all who visit my site, I'll try to add more content on a more regular basis as soon as I can.