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Midwest Messaging and Collaboration User Group meeting November 8th in Chicago.

The Midwest Messaging and Collaboration User Group will be meeting at the Microsoft offices in the Aon Center in downtown Chicago   Downers Grove IL  (Chicago Suburb) on Friday November 8th from 8:30 AM to 2 PM.

This is a FREE community run event. This user group covers Exchange, Office 365, Lync, and SharePoint. This month’s meeting is focusing mainly on Exchange and Office 365.

Full details can be found here:

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Back online!

We're back online!   My apologies for any inconveniences...  There were some issues with the ISP the site is hosted on that started sometime last week while I was traveling for work.   I was finally able to resolve them today.   I've also resolved the issue with registration and other e-mail notifications not going out.


I know it has been a while since I've had time to add anything new to the site.  I have quite a few new articles to write, and hope to have them up soon.   However my schedule is still extremely busy through the end of this month, so please have patience, I promise some great things are coming, so stay tuned!

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Hired by Microsoft!

If it seems like I haven't added much new content to the site lately, you're right, I haven't.   There has been very good reason for it.   Aside from being rather busy with my job, Microsoft had been actively pursuing me to come work for them.   So when I haven't been busy working and trying to spend time with my family, I've been interviewing with Microsoft.


The good news is, they offered me the job, and I've accepted!   I will be starting my new job with them as a Premier Field Engineer, working with Exchange, on March 26th!


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New user registration and contact form fixed.

It seems my anti-spam measures were a little over zealous, causing the new user registration and contact forms to be unusable.  While it certainly kept the spam out, it also has been keeping real people from participating in the site.  I've disabled the offending module, and both appear to be working now.  My apologies to anyone who's been trying to register, please try again.

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Banned from pfSense forums for trying to be helpful.

Some moderator over at the pfSense forums saw fit to ban me for "Spamming the forum with SEO links".  Apparently making a "How-To" post with a link to my article here just ONCE, then answering a few other posts, trying to help out the community, is now "spamming".  It looks like all my posts were deleted, even though only one of them contained a link.   No warning what so ever, just found out when I went to see if there were any new posts I could help answer.  Nothing I did violated any of their forum rules.  Banned for trying to be helpful. sad

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I've been "tweeted"!

It's only been 17 days since I registered at, and only 6 days since I wrote the article "Budget Laboratory: Part 2 - iSCSI Virtual SAN with FreeNAS 8".   This article has been by far the most popular out of any I've written so far.  Today it also received the honor of being the first article I've written to be both "Tweeted", and posted on Facebook!  

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