Banned from pfSense forums for trying to be helpful.

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Some moderator over at the pfSense forums saw fit to ban me for "Spamming the forum with SEO links".  Apparently making a "How-To" post with a link to my article here just ONCE, then answering a few other posts, trying to help out the community, is now "spamming".  It looks like all my posts were deleted, even though only one of them contained a link.   No warning what so ever, just found out when I went to see if there were any new posts I could help answer.  Nothing I did violated any of their forum rules.  Banned for trying to be helpful. sad

It's a shame, I really do enjoy pfSense, so I'm not going to let the actions of this one forum moderator keep me from using it, or writing more articles about it.  I guess I just won't be helping that community anymore directly on their forums.  I'll just have to make all my contributions here on my own site.