April Fools

April Fools!

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Exchange 2016 SP1 to run on Linux!

Ever since last month's announcement that Microsoft SQL Server will be coming to Linux, quiet rumors have been floating around that some of Microsoft's other Enterprise Products, such as Exchange Server, may follow suit. With this week's announcement at the Build conference about the popular Linux shell "BASH" coming to Windows, I decided it was time to see what the Exchange team has planned for Linux, if anything. Today I caught up with a member of the Exchange team that wishes to remain anonymous to get the inside scoop on Exchange 2016 SP1 and support for installing it on Linux!

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EXCLUSIVE: Exchange 2016 to run on Minecraft!

A month in advance of the Ignite Conference, an anonymous source within the Exchange Product Group tells us Exchange 2016 is being built on, and will run entirely inside of, Minecraft.  Check out my exlusive interview below!


FixTheExchange: Why Minecraft?!

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